Yes I Can Free Services


Debit Card

Use it anywhere for purchases or cash from ATM machines.


Debit Card Roundup

It’s your electronic piggy bank. Each day your debit card purchase amounts are rounded up to the nearest dollar. That difference is transferred automatically into a savings or checking account – watch your pennies quickly become dollars.


Bill Payer

Receive and pay bills online – no more stamps. Setup one-time or recurring bill payments, view new bills, paid bills, scheduled bills, or do safe and secure person-to-person (P2P) payments!


Free Checking

No minimum balance or number of transactions required.


Credit Report Review

Personal, confidential credit report reviews help you understand your credit situation in less than 30 minutes. Review positive and negative aspects of your credit report. Discuss ways to improve your credit score.


Money Desktop

Personal Financial Management to better manage your money across all your financial institutions directly from online banking. Easily manage all your financial accounts, view balance, previous transactions, and trends in spending, create a budget, and get alerts automatically when you vary from your plan and more.


Virtual Strongbox

This online safety deposit box conveniently and securely stores important documents (e.g., special pictures, birth certificates, marriage certificates, wills, power of attorney, deeds, and insurance documents) with direct access from online banking. Bring your documents in and we’ll scan them for free.



Shred those old documents and reduce your risk of identity theft – We take your personal information security very seriously and so should you. It’s free.


Smiles, hugs, and YES YOU CAN are always free!