Newrizons makes financing any type of loan simple, easy, and fast. All loan decisions are made right here.

Rates* vary based on the length of the loan and your individual credit worthiness.

Free credit counseling is available. Let us help you get the best rate now and in the future.

Come in or call us to speak with a loan officer or complete an online loan application.


Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATVs, Boats, Snowmobiles, Motorhomes, Trailers

Newrizons can help you get that new car or truck you’ve been looking forward to driving. We work with you to get the best monthly payments possible.

Autosmart  Carfax Kelly Blue book Nadaguides

Rates* start at 3.75%


Personal Loans

A Line of Credit, Overdraft, or Signature loan may be a good choice when you need to consolidate debts into a lower interest rate loan, pay for college tuition or a great vacation, car repairs, Christmas, and so many other needs that just happen.

Rates* start at 12%


Deposit-Secured Loans

Use your savings to earn while providing a low cost personal guaranteed loan.

Rates* start at 4.25%.


VISA Credit Cards

Newrizons VISA credit card makes day-to-day purchases easy. No fees for balance transfers from other high interest cards. Low, competitive variable and fixed rates.

Rates* start at 9.5%


Real Estate Loans

If you own your home, a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) may be the answer. HELOC funds can be borrowed during a “draw period” (typically 5 years). As you pay on your HELOC loan, the balance goes down, as you borrow again against your HELOC your balance goes up. Your monthly minimum payment varies depending on your outstanding balance. The amount you set as your maximum loan amount determines the length of time you have to repay the loan (typically 10 to 20 years). A Newrizons HELOC loan is a variable interest rate loan which is set every August 1 based on the US 1 year Treasury index.

2017 base rate 4.25%


Mortgage Loans

Are you ready to purchase a home or to refinance? If you are looking for a home mortgage, come by and speak with a Newrizons loan officer or go to the Online Mortgage Application with our credit union mortgage partner to apply today. Find out more about buying a home read the “Shopping for Your Home” Booklet.

All loans are granted and interest rates are set on the basis of the individual loan applicants’ qualifications, credit standing and ability to repay. The base rate may be adjusted depending on the specific loan types, term and down payment. Please talk with a loan officer for more information. Base loan rates are periodically reviewed by the board of directors.