Newrizons History


In June of 1965, 10 Lambs-Grays Harbor employees started Lambs Grays Harbor Federal Credit Union. The employees wanted a savings club and a way to get weekly draws outside of using the company’s accounting group. The company saw the credit union as an employee benefit for the employees and their immediate families.

For the first decade, the credit union existed within a brief case full of records and a check book kept by Alice, the head of the steno pool. It was nearly 15 years later that the credit union was big enough to hire its first paid employee and first CEO Terry Fultz.

Newrizons Federal Credit Union building exterior

In 1986, the credit union built its own building on the parking lot of the Lambs Gray Harbor Company.

In 2001 was a busy year. Newrizons Federal Credit Union changed its name from Lambs-Grays Harbor Federal Credit Union when the company went out of business and closed its doors. Newrizons was chosen because it held a new beginning, a new direction and a new charter as a community chartered credit union offering membership to anyone who lives, works, or goes to school in Grays Harbor County or is an immediate family member of a current Newrizons member in good standing.

In 2002, Newrizons Federal Credit Union qualified as a NCUA low-income designated credit union.

In 2004, Newrizons became a US Treasury certified Community Development Financial Institution.

Over Newrizons 50+ year history, our commitment to helping our member and our community become stronger financially remains mission and the cornerstone of our success in Grays Harbor County.

Today, Newrizons is financially strong, growing, and forever staying true to our founders’ original for their community. Newrizons Federal Credit Union keeps it simple. Simple and safe to save your money, to get a loan for something that’s important to you, to provide that special trust and yes you can support that only someone who really knows you is able to do.

Thank you for continuing this great history of people helping people and putting people not profits first!