Hispanic Heritage Month: WA Credit Union Finds Ways to Serve Community

Every year, Hispanic Heritage Month begins Sept. 15, which marks the date of Mexico's independence from Spain. (MarekPhotoDesign.com/Adobe Stock)

From publicnewsservice.org:

Hispanic Heritage Month began in mid-September and runs through Oct. 15, and a financial institution in Washington state is finding unique ways to serve Hispanic members of its community.

Newrizons Credit Union in the western Washington town of Hoquiam offers a variety of financial services to people, regardless of whether they are even members of the credit union. Its chief executive, Ynette Gibbs, said one of the services it provides is helping people with low incomes file their tax returns.

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Great Northwest FCU- 301 W Wishkah, Aberdeen

Swansons Southside- 217 N. Boone Street, Aberdeen

Swanson Hoquiam- 915 Simpson Ave, Hoquiam

Originally posted 2018-04-26 12:23:20.

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